How Does a Live Game and Live Dealer Operate?


Live games


How do live games operate? Live games are a relatively new type of internet gaming that simulates the action found in physical casinos. Live games can provide players with a higher payout % than other gaming kinds, and the player can bet from the comfort of their own home.


While some contend that only slots have a higher return on investment, others believe that table games—despite the well-known house edge—bring in bigger earnings. Nonetheless, data indicate that the total payback rates for live games and land-based gaming are nearly identical.


The software of industry giants like Oriental Game is used by reputable and well-liked live casinos all around the world.


The fact that a human dealer operates the games in real-time while allowing players to participate via a console on their computer is what makes live games so thrilling. One of the features provided is live chat in case they have a query or need assistance.


The dealer’s physical transactions are converted into data needed by the software, or more precisely, using a process known as optical character recognition (OCR). With the latter, the player can participate in the live game without realizing the difference between a live dealer game and a physical location. Also, rather than being determined by an automated system, the game results are decided by a human.


Live games are quite popular with players, but they also cost the live gaming a lot in terms of personnel and equipment. A cameraman, croupiers, an IT manager, and a pit boss are often employed by an ordinary gaming studio.


One of the primary causes of the live dealer games’ limited game selection is their high operating costs. Sic bo, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette may all be played at the majority of them. The price of maintaining virtual games is far lower in contrast.


A live game has three or more rooms:

1. A live studio

2. A software room

3. An analyst room


Nonetheless, this arrangement may differ from casino to casino.


Depending on the online game you chose, you may also have the option of enjoying live games through the online casino’s TV channel or your mobile phone.


Here’s more to learn about the elements of live games, along with a quick explanation of what they do and how they may make your gaming experience more enjoyable.


It goes without saying that cameras are crucial to the effective streaming of live games. The most recent technology developments allowed for the employment of smaller but more potent cameras to relay the live feeds.

Consider the game of roulette as an illustration. Three independent cameras are typically used at a roulette table to capture images of the wheel, the table, and the overall scene. The third camera shows the so-called picture-in-picture display.


The Game Control Unit is most likely the live casino’s most crucial part.There is a GCU attached to each table. The equipment, which is no larger than a shoebox, is in charge of encoding the broadcast footage. The GCU is the real expert who helps the dealer manage the game. In a word, without the GCU, no live game is possible.


The live casino area may also have a wheel depending on the game. Wheels typically have built-in sensors, and the casino software interfaces with them. Casinos collaborate with leading casino configuration manufacturers.


What online gamers view on their displays can be displayed on the monitor. 

The dealer also benefits from having a monitor since it motivates them to act when necessary and allows them to keep track of the bets that can be opened and closed. The dealer can view the online players on the monitor as well. Because players and dealers may communicate live, any problem is quickly resolved.


As previously said, dealers are in charge of running the game, thus a player cannot tell the tiniest difference between playing in an online format and playing traditional casino games.

A self-respecting casino wouldn’t put up with a dealer who doesn’t even know the rules of the game, so they put them through extensive training. With the advancement of technology, a smart card could now track every move the dealer made.


Live Dealers

A casino dealer has to be knowledgeable about casino games, be able to clearly and concisely explain each game’s rules, interact with players without difficulty, and uphold the standards and prestige of the casino where they work.


There are a few procedures that need to be followed if one wants to work as a dealer in a live game:


  1. Learn how the games function. Understand how to play them as well as the duties of the dealer to keep things going.


  1. Play some live dealer games after that to observe other dealer behaviors. Along with managing the games, they also keep the players entertained. It’s all part of the job to talk to players, tell jokes and anecdotes, and express gratitude for tips.


  1. Enroll in live casino dealer training. You don’t need to attend college to take them, and they aren’t formal courses either. As an alternative, you can finish them online. You’ll be more likely to work as an online casino dealer if you already have one under your belt.


Here are the required skills needed to become a Live Dealer:

1. Experience 

The chances of finding work are better the more experience one has. It would be preferable to obtain an internship or maybe a short-term position at a neighborhood casino.

2. Math Skills

There’s no need to be an expert in algebra or calculus. However, quick and basic math skills would be needed.


3. Friendly Attitude

It would be very helpful to have any expertise in entertainment-related professions as live gaming is primarily an entertainment facility and would be looking for artists who know how to entertain players.

4. Flexibility in Schedule

Many live games are open 24/7. One must be willing to work a variety of shifts, including some at odd hours. It’s not the typical 9-5 job. The more readily available a dealer is, the better.


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