Top 5 Sports for Sports Betting

As the sports betting industry continues to grow, more and more sports fans are looking for ways to become involved. You shouldn’t rush out and gamble on the first sporting event you come across, but it’s possible that you may. Keep in mind that there are several options to consider, and your winning chances depend on your familiarity with the game’s rules, the skills of the players, and other such things.

Here are a few of the most well-liked sports that many gamblers put money on, in case you need some guidance in deciding which one to bet on.



There is no doubt that basketball is one of the most rapidly growing sports worldwide in terms of popularity. The NBA may be the most well-known basketball league, but the Olympics, FIBA World Cup, and EuroBasket all get significant betting interest from fans across the world. Bookmakers also provide a wide variety of wagers on basketball games, so you won’t get tired betting on the same markets week in and week out. Betting on basketball is fascinating since the games are never finished until the final buzzer sounds. A game, tournament, or championship may be won or lost in the nick of time so you’ll surely be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

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It should come as no surprise that soccer, the world’s most widely watched sport, is also the most heavily wagered upon internationally. Sportradar, a statistics and betting analyst, estimates that around 70% of all global betting is placed on soccer. There is little wonder as to why soccer has such a huge following. To begin, the rules of the game are generally well-known. This means that you will have no trouble figuring out the various wagers available and will be able to identify crucial points in games and how they may affect the final score. Second, bookmakers will let you view the live stream on their site provided you have funds in your betting account. Finally, the abundance of betting markets is the single most compelling reason for wagering on soccer as it has more wagering opportunities than any other sport.

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Horse Racing

A large number of bets are placed annually on major horse racing events such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Grand National. But unlike the other sports listed here, horse racing requires knowledge of the other aspects that affect a horse’s chances to win. It is no longer just about the traditional statistics and analytics unlike other sports. Factors like the temperature, ground conditions, the current health of the horse, and the disposition of the handlers should be taken into account. Nevertheless, a significant number of horse races are held every day and bookmakers can track thousands of them daily. If you are a casual gambler, this one is ideal for you. What’s more is that the popularity of horse racing has reached and expanded to online betting. So you no longer have to go out and visit the tracks. You can simply watch the race from the comforts of your home.

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Millions of people tune in to watch major tennis tournaments like the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. Because of this, tennis is a popular sport for bettors, and the stakes are high at those tournaments when the best players compete. It is also particularly great for beginners because of the wide range of easy-to-understand wagers available. Because there are no “draws” in tennis matches, the reward system is much simpler compared to the other sports on this list. But before you place your bets, understanding a player’s ranking and track record from previous tournaments is crucial. You can get a better idea of who is likely to win any given match by reading the analysis and predictions of pundits before the match.

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American Football

In the United States, Americans place the most wagers on American football. But this sport’s popularity goes beyond its home country as betting on its sporting events is also a big business abroad. The National Football League (NFL) is their yearly event, culminating with the Super Bowl which will feature two of the best teams. In 2018, a record $158.6 million was wagered on the Super Bowl. Though, that only makes up the official bets. The true figure, including black market wagers, is thought to be closer to $4.76 billion. You may be sure that there are innumerable betting options for American football if the money is that high.

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