A Growing Industry of Chance and Entertainment: Vietnam’s Gambling Market

Vietnam's Gambling Market


In Vietnam, Gambling is not permitted. The nation has restricted access to casinos for its citizens for many generations. Nevertheless, many Vietnamese people partake in various sorts of gaming. There are many opulent casinos in the nation.



Vietnam’s authorized gaming options


The lottery is the sole type of legal gambling in Vietnam. Since its launch in 1999, the lottery has gained popularity all around the nation. The locals can purchase tickets from several different sellers. There are three major lotteries in the nation: the Southern Lottery, which runs the Lotteries Vung Tau, Ben Tre, and Lieu; the Northern Lottery, which runs the Quang Ninh Lottery; and the Central Vietnam Lottery, which runs the Lotteries Quang Nam and Dak Lak.


The National Assembly just recently approved a bill that makes legal and regulated sports betting possible in Vietnam. Although the specifics of the recently passed regulation are yet unknown, it was preceded by Decree Number 6, which was issued in March 2017 and lists greyhound races, international football matches, and horse races as permissible sports betting events.



Other types of popular gambling games


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1. Bau Cua Tom Ca / Hoo Hey How (Fish-Prawn-Crab)

The most well-known and well-liked gambling game in Vietnamese is called Bau Cua. On the Vietnamese New Year, many Vietnamese families and friends would participate in this game.

Playing Bau Cua Tom Ca is enjoyable and easy to learn. Playing Bau Cua doesn’t require any translations. Anyone can pick up Bau Cau quickly, learn it, and enjoy themselves.

Being lucky and properly predicting the symbols that will appear on the dice are necessary for winning in Bau Cua Tom Ca. The guidelines for rewards and how to play Bau Cua Tom Ca are listed below.


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2. Fish Fighting

Fish fighting is not acceptable to us, although it is popular in Vietnam. For the majority of individuals, this certainly isn’t a gambling game.

Today, older Vietnamese people and rural villagers primarily play it. The fish fighting rings are illegal because gambling is mostly outlawed in Vietnam.

Farmers in Vietnam who focus on breeding and producing fighting fish. Nowadays, the fish are generally bought as pets and decorations, however some are still used for gambling. Until the fish’s battle, they are kept in jars.


3. Tien Len

In Vietnam, there are many different card games that are played, but if you ask them what the most well-known is, they will likely say Tien Len.

The phrase, which translates to “Go Forward,” also happens to be the name of a well-liked card game in America, which reflects the close cultural ties that existed between the two nations during the American-Vietnam War.


4. Xoc Dia 

Xoc Dia is a straightforward risk-betting but entertaining game. It came from China and was created as a kind of entertainment by the business community. Later, Asian nations also started to show up in the Xoc Dia betting game thanks to the trade between merchants and nations.

Xoc Dia is comparable to games like Fantan and Over/Under bet. Xoc Dia is particularly well-liked in Vietnam and initially debuted in the nation’s North in 1909.



Vietnam’s most popular gambling markets


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The country’s desire for gambling hasn’t diminished despite the nearly complete ban, and there are still several athletic events that attract thousands of pounds’ worth of wagers each month. 

Sports betting has been recently authorized by the Vietnamese government. Over the years, Vietnamese people have grown to like both football and rugby, however they also frequently have sizable crowds for Aussie Rules Football. An inflow of Australian immigrants served as a catalyst for this, helping to form The Vietnam Swans, one of the Asian League’s most prosperous Aussie Rules teams.


Horse racing has a long history in Vietnam, dating back to 1893 when the Saigon Horse Racing Association was established. Initially introduced by French military officers, the sport was unfamiliar to the local population.


With the official endorsement of sports gambling by Vietnam’s National Assembly, there is an opportunity for foreign investors to contribute to the revival of the economically challenged nation.

The availability of foreign-hosted online casinos has also stoked interest in other casino games, with Pai Gow and Roulette being among the most well-liked.



Vietnam’s legalization of online gambling


It’s against the law to run a betting website in Vietnam. If a person wants to place a wager on a sporting event or a casino game, they must travel underground. For those who want to legally bet online, there is the option of signing up with foreign bookmakers who have the necessary licenses and regulations from their own nations. Many of these international websites welcome Vietnamese players. Some even let the gamers utilize the Vietnamese version of their website and support the local currency. 


These legitimate international websites are fully licensed, hence the Vietnam government has no authority over them. Players who make online bets are not subject to liability under international law. However, the government does monitor some websites. In some cases, censorship may be applied to a few websites. The government has previously been successful in blocking up to 180 gaming websites.



Vietnamese gamblers’ access to online casinos


It’s not tough to play in Vietnamese online casinos. You can find casinos abroad that provide excellent marketplaces and betting options for gamblers. You must exercise due care and verify their licenses, the casino’s fairness certifications, and the game suppliers that your chosen casino chooses to use. If you’re looking into upping your game and creating revenue for your online betting website, Oriental Game can be your best partner for it.


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