5 Video Games You Should Play in 2023

The gaming industry has had a difficult couple of years. 2022 was a much calmer year for video games than anyone anticipated, despite a few blockbuster launches and brilliant indies. Many of the most anticipated games of the year were ultimately postponed until 2023 as developers struggled with difficult workplace circumstances, lockdowns, and other hardships as a result of the coronavirus pandemic's lingering effects.   While that resulted in a relatively quiet year for huge games, it also raised the profile of 2023, which is now crammed with important releases from the biggest video game studios in the world. Here are the top major games that are currently scheduled to release in 2023 in different gaming platforms as a taste of what's to come:    Release date: 20 January 2023 Platform: Nintendo Switch A big one, and I do mean big, is the first significant video game of 2023. Games in the Fire Emblem series are enormous. Engage is the sequel to Three Houses from 2019, a hefty RPG that takes over 100 hours to complete. Engage will ideally match Three Houses' scope and magic, both of which received high praise from critics. Characters from Engage's lengthy history are included, allowing newcomers to at least have a good introduction to Super Smash Bros. characters like Marth, Corrin, and Blyeth.   Release date: 10 February 2023 Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S Hogwarts Legacy is directly based on the lore, even though it isn't a direct adaptation of the Harry Potter books. Although you'll be playing as a Hogwarts student in the 1800s—hundreds of years before Harry and his friends—you'll undoubtedly cause plenty of wizardly mayhem. Since it's an open-world RPG, there will be a lot to discover as well.   Release date: 24 January 2023 Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 5 Forspoken is a brand-new IP from Square Enix and Luminous Productions that appears to be competing for blockbuster success. You take on the role of Frey, a young woman from contemporary New York who is taken to a fantastical world where she develops amazing and powerful abilities, in this original fantasy video game. Early screenshots of this game demonstrated fast movement and a multitude of spectacular moves, but the story is what really stands out.   Forspoken is a game that feels really inspired and unique, despite the fact that we have only actually seen a few tidbits and glimpses of it so far. There is optimism that Frey's story will be as enchanted and lovely as it appears because video games have the ability to portray stories that have a profound impact.   Release date: 17 February 2023 Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S With larger monster confrontations, new fighting and trapping techniques, and a ton of breathtaking locations to explore, the new monster hunting and adventure game Wild Hearts seeks to revolutionize the entire action-adventure genre. Players will go on a wild journey through the fictional world of Azuma, which was inspired by feudal Japan, where a swarm of "Kemono" monsters may be found in every crevice of the country.   Fans of Capcom's Monster Hunter series will recognize the gameplay right away, but Wild Hearts appears to be jam-packed with fresh concepts that should spice up your adventure and keep you interested in the distant next mission.   Release date: 3 March 2023 Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the newest game from Team Ninja, the same team behind the Nioh ARPG series, and it combines mystical and historical themes. At first appearance, it appears Wo Long is traveling the same treacherous route as the latter titles, which were Soulslike in the strictest sense of the Dark Souls-aping genre. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, described as a "dark fantasy action game set in the Chinese Three Kingdoms period," is scheduled to release on March 3 and will be available on Game Pass right away. On this one, we'll be keeping a careful eye.   These titles set to be released are sure to make your year start with a bang! But to make it even better, iGaming could also be great way to have the same amount of fun and thrill, and the best part is, making money out of it too. The most recommendable iGaming platform for this year is Oriental Game (OG), the current top provider of live dealer solutions in the Philippines. It’s time to make your gaming experience more fun and worth it this 2023!   Sources: